Power Only Trucking – The Solution to Your Labor Issues

A call comes in around 7:00 pm, “I need a power only truck in Houston tomorrow morning.” The FLI team is off and running to find a driver with a tractor to be at the distribution center by 4:00 am. The driver and tractor are the “power” of the load. The loaded trailer needs to be dropped at a handful of retail stores within the Houston metro area; this is power only trucking. 

Power only trucking is revolutionizing the supply chain trucking industry. It is the perfect solution for shippers and distributors with assets and trucks dealing with labor issues. With power only trucking, businesses can access the services they need, allowing them to optimize their resources and use their staff and trucks more efficiently. It is a cost-effective, flexible way to handle transportation needs. It is fast becoming the go-to solution for companies struggling with labor issues in the supply chain trucking industry.

The Problem: Limited Resources

Shippers and distributors, with assets and owned trailers, are dealing with the same labor issues that most companies have – limited resources when it comes to people. Power only trucking solves this problem by supplying just what you need when you need it. 

Whether it’s a driver shortage in your fleet or a driver that calls in sick at the last minute, our team is ready to step in as your power only trucking resource. We can address long-term solutions and short-term fixes. Either way, we want to deliver an immediate solution that is cost competitive and operationally sustainable. 

The Solution: Power Only Trucking

The FLI team specializes in power only trucking as we have booked an average of 5,700 power only loads annually. 

We believe in partnerships so trust is an important factor here at FLI. Our carriers are well-vetted and we work with the highest quality carriers in the business. We grow our network of power only trucks by providing superior customer service along with operational excellence.

We have a robust regional power only truck network servicing the Southeast and Midwest parts of the United States. We have immediate capacity in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Atlanta, and Houston. Our team of Truckload Brokers is driven to create win/win situations for both you and the power. 

The Benefits

Power only trucking offers a number of advantages for shippers and distributors with trailer equipment. It provides an efficient way to manage resources by supplying the necessary power when needed. This helps to reduce costs and maintain reliable delivery schedules. Additionally, there is no need to hire or train employees as the trucking company handles all of the required paperwork and logistics. Finally, power only trucking reduces liability since there is no requirement to provide insurance coverage for drivers or vehicles. All in all, power only trucking is an ideal solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and cut costs.

How it Works

For Shippers

Working with us is simple! Fill out the credit application and email us at info@fliinc.net to let us know what you need. Our network of both national and regional carriers ensures the freight will arrive on time, every time. And, with competitive rates, our customers are guaranteed great value on every load they book. With power only trucking, shippers and distributors don’t have to worry about dealing with labor issues or expensive overhead costs associated with owning trucks. All they have to do is make one call to us, and we will handle everything else for them.

For Carriers

Are you a carrier that can offer power only trucking? Contact us to partner! 

We’ll review your information and ensure you meet all the requirements, including insurance limits, before getting started. You’ll also be asked to provide proof of experience in power only trucking so we can better serve our customers’ needs. Once we’ve matched a need to your capacity, we will ensure agreements are signed between your company and the owner of the trailer equipment.

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